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The Story of Belladonna…

Belladonna’s day started off numb like all the other days since her husband’s passing, accept that today her daze was overshadowed by a darkness, perhaps this feeling was elevated do to the reading of her husband’s will earlier that week. The reading had left an even darker cloud over the Hatter Estate. Her adult step children had been overwhelmed with the idea their father had left his entire estate to her and only bequeathed  to them the family business, a dilapidated asylum.

Belladonna had never really quite felt welcomed by the children and staff when she arrived some 20 years ago. But now, after seeing the anger in their eyes, that unwelcomed feeling had turned to unequivocal  fear.  Little did she know that her fears would soon become a nightmare she and the children would never wake up from.

Several years earlier in the state where the Hatters took up residence a new law had been introduced by a newly elected state representative. This law allowed the involuntary hospitalization of a perceived mentally unstable person for a 3-day period at a public facility. The State representative, a Hatter,  had been advised by his father that pushing this law through would be good for the family business.  Now it seems that this new law, Section 12, would be the Hatter Children’s loop hole to redeeming what was rightfully theirs.

Unfortunately for Belladonna the process for the 3-day incarceration seemed unlawfully easy but all within the legal guidelines of Section 12.  Belladonna’s resistance and pleading fell on deaf well paid ears and as the doors behind her closed the demons that she had laid to rest so many years ago as a child enveloped her.

Join the Hatters on visiting day when they must come face to face with the person they have wrongfully committed or so they thought.  As the electronic gate clicks into the locked position behind you and the lights violently flicker off you may find yourself wondering if you’ll be able to make your way back unscathed from the onslaught of Section 12 victims


  • $10 Per Person
  • $15 Fast Pass
  • $5 Re-Entry Fee (must be same day)

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